NewsGator Screen Saver

NewsGator Screen Saver

Informative screensaver that delivers the most recent news on computer screen

NewsGator Screensaver is the perfect program for those who are always busy on the computer doing their work and do not get time to go through the latest news. On getting connected to the Internet, this screensaver will get you the latest news right on your desktop without your effort. NewsGator Screensaver is a simple application which connects with your NewsGator online account and displays your unread news on your desktop. Your online account allows you to search for feeds of your interest and select it for display. NewsGator Screensaver allows you to configure your screensaver settings. You can select RSS feeds to be displayed and can also set the RSS reading interval. One of the coolest features of NewsGator Screensaver is that it supports Picture or Cartoon Feeds. It allows you to configure a feed to show just images. For all MediaRSS feeds it will display the included image and for other feeds it will display the first image in the post. NewsGator Screensaver is an interactive tool which gives you full control for news display. You can use arrow keys to navigate between the feed items; for example, Left Arrow can be used to go to previous feed item. You can also use Return/Spacebar to view the details of the current feed item in the default browser. Interestingly, this easy to use screensaver is absolutely free to download and install.

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  • Easy to use and install
  • Free tool
  • Allows user to select RSS feeds to be viewed in screensaver
  • Allows users to change settings like setting interval between news etc
  • Interactive tool as it allows user to use keys for next/previous news and to view news in detail
  • Can be configured to show images for MediaRSS feeds


  • Does not work on Linux / Mac
  • Does not provide weather updates or stock quotes
  • Does not allow you to customize screensaver with your pictures
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